It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Words: Bekah Friesen

Holiday Guide: Caleb Friesen

It has begun. There has been snow sighted outside of our windows, radio stations have started incorporating old time carols into their playlists, the sweet smell of baked goods can be detected wafting in the air in preparation for what’s to come. Neighbors on ladders, tangled in twinkling lights and yard decorations popping up in varied shades of red and green. Cocoa is flying off of the shelves and into the cups of children in great anticipation. On with the hats and gloves and out with the summer clothes, which have been packed away, but are still within reach because, let’s face it, this is Southern Colorado. That’s part of the adventure in living in the embrace of the mountains. The time has come--what some refer to as, “the most wonderful time of the year”. 

This is my second winter here since I moved from the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle, we just get soaking wet from September through March, with very little chance of a white Christmas. In moving here, I have embraced the snow and even look forward to it. I was also quick in discovering my favorite coffee shops and pho restaurants as well, which help to keep the frost bite at bay. In addition to learning how to keep warm, I was also clueless in knowing where people here would shop for holiday treats and gifts. Last year, I just ended up roaming the malls and felt sad…like I was missing something more that existed. Here we are, one year later, and I have become a much wiser, more savvy Colorado girl.

We here at COCO are all about supporting local businesses and local makers.

We here at COCO are all about supporting local businesses and local makers. We have some of the most talented, most sought after artists and creatives, right here in our town. Some of you may not know you have access to them or to their goods. Whether you are like me and you are relatively new to the area, or if you’d like a more personal experience than a mall or online shopping, look no further.

With a focus on the down town area, one of COCO’s talented friends and designer, Caleb Friesen, has put together a hand-drawn walking map of some COCO’s top shop picks for the holidays. While this list does not encompass every shop in our fine town, it does give you a great reference point for where to being your holiday adventures. Colorado Springs will also have five pop-up shops that are featured, so be sure to take the time to check those out as well. We have also included a list of local makers with online shops, for your convenience. 

So bundle up in your warmest coat, strap on your snow boots, print out the walking map and join us downtown for a fun season of holiday excitement here in our beautiful city of Colorado Springs.